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EnGenius ENH210 is a high-speed long-range outdoor 802.11n Wireless-to-Ethernet Client Bridge
The EnGenius NEW ranged of Long Range 11n Versatile AP is an ideal solution for expanding an existing network and increasing bandwidth to support additional users.
EnGenius offers wireless networking solutions that enable small and medium-sized business to create highly mobile and productive work environments with low total cost of ownership.
Northcliff High Goes Wireless with EnGenius ENH210EXT (study case done by MIRO Distribution)
EAP600 has been awarded with Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2013.
The EnGenius Cloud Service - which features the EnViewer, Entalk Lite, EnShare, and EnRoute apps - enables home users to connect to their media and files from anywhere, stay synced with friends and family members around the world, and facilitate the management of their own private network in ways that are simple, secure, fast and easy.
EnGenius Launches Managed Wireless Network Solution Targeting Pro A/V. Business and Small-to-Medium Enterprise.
The Wireless Management Solution: The Neutron Series, a complete and scalable enterprise-level wireless controller solution.
EnGenius EAP1750AP: The Best Throughput of 11AC Indoor Access Points.
"EnGenius listens, and make changes" -Geyserville Unified School District